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“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” 

-Kofi Annan

WEBelieve, stands for Women Everywhere Believe, inspired by the vision of a day when all women will believe in their power to change the world. 


 What is preventing that vision from becoming a reality?

Often times, when we think of ways to combat racial injustice, we forget to focus on the needs of a critical yet overlooked segment of marginalized groups– girls and women of color.

Therefore our mission, is to equip young women and girls with the tools they need to positively change their lives, and the lives of those around them.


What are the critical issues affecting women of color? 

1.) Educational Inefficiency

Despite progress in recent years , girls continue to suffer psychological mistreatment within educational institutions. Countries such as the U.S, are not immune to these injustices since the criminalization of adolescent behavior in schools continue to create detrimental learning environments for women of color.  Furthermore, the U.S education system overlooks the need for supplemental education that teaches empowerment, financial literacy, and current events. As a result, minority girls find it difficult to connect what they are learning in the classroom to real life. And since they cannot find outlets in school to express themselves, they often are unable to see the true power of education. 

2.) Economic Inequality

Within the international community, issues of unequal pay and financial illiteracy affect millions of women. These issues are amplified for women of color, who also have to combat systemic oppression, societal stigmas, and historical discrimination. WEBelieve is dedicated to combating economic inequality through education and empowerment.

3.) Lack of Opportunities & Resources

Globally, women are deprived of the capital needed to climb the social ladder. This capital, comes in the form of mentors, networks, and opportunities needed to break down barriers. Specifically in communities of color, institutions are often geared towards uplifting black men while turning a blind eye to the needs of black women. One of the keys to solving this issue, is women helping women. We must walk through doors, and leave them open, for the next generation to follow.


What are the statistics?

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 Why should we care?

To invest in women, is to invest in a better future for all!