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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Shirley Chisholm

At the age of 16, founder and CEO of WEBelieve, Chelsea Miller, recognized the lack of mentorship among young ladies in underserved communities and launched a small program in efforts to combat the problem. After realizing the great impact that could be made on a larger scale, Chelsea shared her vision with several of her Columbia University peers, extending them the opportunity to be part of a program larger than themselves. Chelsea Miller, Akua Obeng-Akrofi, and Shalon Conley each wrote an eight-week curriculum on a topic that they took interest in and believed was crucial to the growth of young minds and so began the first initiative—The Dare to Dream Program.

The colors of our organization are maroon and gold. Maroon represents courage and sacrifice. Which reflects the service and dedication of WEBelieve to defy all the odds to bring justice, joy, and opportunities to the communities we serve. The gold represents victory, the hoped for victory of all women in our endeavors to make the world a better place. Gold also reflects the tenacity of WEBelieve to achieve all that we set out to do, despite the challenges we may face.